Due Diligence


1. Let's Talk

The  famous real estate adage says "location, location, location," so wouldn't it make sense that your real estate brokerage be locally owned and operated, and not outsourced to some mega sized corporation where you'll get lost at the bottom?  Feel confident knowing that your boutique experience is local and above all, personal.  





I only provide a one-on-one full service relationship.  We all deserve an agent who is going to be there with us every step of the way and you are no different.

As a Buyer's agent, it's my duty and pleasure to represent you.    

Your life happens everywhere, not behind a desk. Technology makes the home-buying process more efficient than ever and convenient for you. Modern and mobile communication ensures that you receive up-to-date information on your smart phone or iPad while on the go and keeps you one step ahead of your competition. 

2.  Get Pre-Qualified

Stop daydreaming and go see a lender! The sooner you know what you'll be covered for financially, the sooner you get to play.  Don't be surprised if you qualify for more than you think. You'll want to get pre-qualified, or better yet, get a loan commitment from a lender so you're able to move the process along without hesitation.  A loan commitment makes your offer look much more appealing when stacked up against other offers... it may even be the deciding factor in you moving into your dream home.

Shop Local

Live Within Your Means

Get Connected

Good things happen to those who... source locally.  Using a lender that has their brick and mortar here in town is the best way to expedite the loan process.  You wouldn't buy a home over the phone from a foreign service center, so take a look at the many terrific lenders based right here in Wilmington.

Life is too short to live in a house without furniture. Just because you qualify for a larger amount doesn't mean you should spend your max.  Remember to save room for the lifestyle you'd like to have once you get into your new home.

Whether you're new or local to the Wilmington area, let me connect you to one of the many great lenders in our area who will best fit your needs. Once you're pre-qualified, the biggest hurdle in home-buying is behind you! 

3. Plan

Identify your needs, wants, and must haves by creating a list of essential features you're looking for in a home, coming up with a timeline and exploring your favorite communities. 


Ben Franklin's List



Ben Franklin had a list, so should you. You've got your team behind you, now it's time to make your wish list. Be specific and include must-have details like minimum number of bedrooms, location, and property size. Don't forget that budget... STICK to it.

With interest rates on the rise, acting sooner than later could save you the equivalent or even more than your child's tuition for college. Do you need to be in your new home before the new school year starts or would you like to be settled in before the holidays? Keep in mind that closing on a new home can take several weeks... 

Choose the community that will best suit your lifestyle. Your favorite salt water activity, golf course and dog park are just a few of the many neighborhood amenities to consider. Check out this handy neighborhood guide.

4. House Hunt

Now the fun part begins! Let's set up your customized search on the official MLS, which is updated every 15 minutes. Real-time updates on your favorite homes in specified neighborhoods will keep you one step ahead of the Joneses. 


The Search

View Your Favorite Homes

Make An Offer

With so many options, it's most efficient to narrow down your selection by starting online. Let me set up a customized search that specifically focuses on what you are looking for. Be mindful of information you see on websites like Zillow and Trulia. They are not always up to date and often show you homes that are not even for sale. Don't waste your valuable time in such a quickly moving market. 

With a narrowed down selection, now it's time to contact me to schedule an appointment for you to go and view your favorite homes in person! 

You've found it. Now let's make an offer. Using the current market values, we'll be able to see exactly where the home currently sits in the market and make our offer. This is when any earnest money will be included. Expect the seller to make a counter offer, but once we've negotiated and agreed upon the terms of the offer..we're under contract!

5. Due Diligence

We're under contract, and now is the time to schedule a home inspection, termite inspection, survey, appraisal, and obtain final loan commitment. This time period will reveal all of the home's dirty little secrets. 


Due Diligence


Appraisal & Final Loan Approval

Due diligence is a negotiated time period that provides you, the buyer, the time necessary for you and your team of service providers to perform home inspections, surveys, secure a home insurance provider, and negotiate any additional repairs before the home closes. Should you find that the home has too many dirty little secrets before the end of the due diligence period, you can move on and keep looking by dissolving the contract and getting a refund on your earnest money deposit. 

  • Home inspection with licensed home inspector
  • Termite inspection 
  • Property survey with licensed surveyor
  • Home insurance availability
  • Home warranty plan
  • Title search and insurance 
  • Arrange for closing attorney
  • Present list to seller before end of due diligence period to negotiate any repairs 

Your lender will have the property appraised to confirm that they are not giving you more money than the house's market value is currently worth. Because you were smart and chose local, all underwriting and communication will happen right here in town, speeding up the process. Once the appraisal is confirmed and the final loan commitment is granted, we are ready to close!

6. Congratulations!

The big day is here.  It's time to legally transfer the property into your name.

Closing Day

Pop the Cork

The closing usually takes place at your attorney's office and it's where you'll sign all of the closing documents and the monies will be disbursed. Just wait until the deed has been recorded before you move your stuff in and especially before you tear down any walls! 

It's time to celebrate! Call your friends, parents, and brag a little.  See...buying a home wasn't so painful.